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Defendant used non-expert developers without Plaintiff's knowledge

Defendant used non-expert developers without Plaintiff's knowledge

The expectation for somebody hiring a company to develop a complex website is that the company's best most knowledgeable and
 experienced employees are going to be responsible for developing it. When Plaintiff approached Defendant and provided


1. Defendant developed Plaintiff's website illegally for 3 years

On November 30, 2012 Defendant sent an email informing Plaintiff that [redacted] development would cease because of the illegality of
developing adult oriented websites in Defendant's country. Defendant told Plaintiff that the law had been in effect since 2009[1].
 The timing of the news couldn't have been worse since Plaintiff had waited over a year for a single important feature (the 'tipping feature')
 that wasn't yet launched[2] and [redacted] was in rapid decline, in part due to a lack of such features.

The countless hours Plaintiff spent monitoring

By the time [redacted]'s stability problems seemed to be under control, the damage had already been done.
 Years of site crashes, slow speeds, serious bugs, and a lack of new features had taken its toll.  [redacted] was declining rapidly while competitor sites, new and old, continued their rapid ascension.
   One site barely over a year and a half old had grown to over 10 times the popularity of [redacted], even though [redacted] had a two year head start.

Plaintiff,[Redacted] vs. Defendant,

Plaintiff,[Redacted] vs. Defendant,
MixSoftware PHP-developers, Karahat Malika, Migilsak Merdko, IVAN TKACH, YURIY NESMIYAN, Pavlo Krize, Dafdefan Kavka, VICTOR Grizlow, et al.

List of Annexes

Date: 27 September 2014

X.  List of Annexes

1. Screenshot of the commercial IT company website located at www.MixSoftware PHP developers-Mix Software PHP developerss.com. This indicates that domains containing "MixSoftware PHP developers" are not exclusive to the Complainant nor to commercial entities in the same industry as the Complainant.

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Остерегайтесь WMScont studio Ltd.

Пожалуйста, проверьте эти воры, мошенники и низкой живет! (Обновлено 18 декабря 2014)

Beware of WMScont studio Ltd.

Please check out these Thieves, Scammers and Low Lives! (Updated April 13, 2016) Russian Version
WMScont studio Ltd. is a web development company operating out of Prague, Czech that is owned by an Iraq shell company called United WMScont studio Ltd. They operate websites www.WMScontStudio.com and www.WMScontstudiohouse.com and offer their services on third party web development escrow sites such as www.elance.com (now called www.upwork.com).